Why You Should Hire a Board Certified Personal Injury Lawyer

When scouting for the right personal injury lawyer to handle your case, you will come across lawyers with sparkling ads and who scream the loudest on various TV commercials, calling themselves the ‘toughest” in the region. If you carry a keen background check on them, however, you will realize that most of them cannot claim the experience that matter the most—board certification. So what is board certification? And is a board certified personal injury lawyer better?

Board Certification

To be a board certified personal injury lawyer, you must have been practicing for at least 5 years and posses a vast knowledge of personal injury law evidences, procedures, and other important laws related to personal injury. You must also have handled a wide range of jury trails pertaining to vehicle accidents, product liability, premises liability and other claims involving personal injury.

Additionally, before you seek for the board certification honor, you must be recommended by other attorneys, especially those who have worked with you before as well as judges who have seen you represent clients in various trails before. In most cases, these recommendations are complied by the Board in secret: as the attorney who seeks to certified, you never get a chance to see what other attorneys and judges say about you. Finally, you must take and pass a specialized day-long examination to be certified.

Given the rigorous board certification process, very few attorneys make it because it is an extensive and hard-won process that few can withstand. It also calls for respect of your opponents as well as judges who have seen your practice and the results you were able to achieve.

Why should board certification matter?

A bigger percentage of personal injury cases never reach the trail stage because most are settled out of court. But what will motivate your opponent to opt for out of court settlement? The answer is simple: if you are represented by a highly experienced personal injury attorney that your opponent wouldn’t dare take a trail against.

On the other hand, if your opponent is aware of a few things that you don’t know—for instance, that your personal injury lawyer has no experience and has previously demonstrated lack of skills in court, they will much less likely meet your out of the court settlement demands simply because they are more confident about their chances of winning the case.

For the highlighted reasons, therefore, the best chance you can have when it comes to settling personal injury cases is having a highly experienced attorney. And board certification is one of the top qualifications of such an attorney.

Bottom Line

Winning personal injury case or any other litigation is comparable to war: in most cases, the side that is highly skilled wins. Accordingly, if you are looking for an attorney to represent you in a personal injury case, go for one who is board certified. Visit the Claim Accident website for more information.