Excuses People Make for Why They Don’t Recycle

The warning signs are real. The planet is struggling from a lack of natural resources. Companies are going to great lengths to harvest trees and mine oil and coal in remote regions of the world to keep up with the never ending demand, but there isn’t much of anything left. One would think that the reality of the situation would frighten people into saving what is remaining of the world. But it isn’t. Few people are recycling their leftover packages, bottles, and cans. Some of the excuses that are made for this include:

It is a Big Inconvenience

Some towns offer special collections of items that are to be recycled when they pick up the trash on a weekly basis. A different truck comes around to collect the separate bins. And to encourage people to recycle more, there is a limit put on the amount of bags of waste that each household is allowed to have. But many areas don’t have recycling options like this. They do have recycling centers though. All a person has to do is drop off their bags of presorted recyclable items. It is a fast and easy process, but most people are not willing to put the effort into doing it.

Some Things are Biodegradable

While paper products break down in a short time, most items that are made with petroleum products take many years to decay. So they end up taking a huge amount of space in landfills. But no one sorts through things at a landfill to see if they can be recycled. Once they get there, they are buried under several tons of dirt. This is completely wasteful because they could have been ground up and turned into new products for consumers to use.

We Have Plenty of Trees and Natural Resources

The trees that are used to make paper products are decades old. So when they are cut down, new ones will take many years to grow tall enough to replace them. Entire forests are devastated from the process, which displaces all of the local wildlife in the area. But it is worse when the land is mined for oil and iron ore. They are nonrenewable resources. Once they are gone, they are gone forever.

It is crucial that more people start recycling. Otherwise, we might not have any resources left to save. All it takes is a few minutes out of the day to help save the planet, but everyone needs to work together to make it happen. So if there are no recycling programs available in your area, talk to your local city officials about how to get one started today. Check out the Waste Wise Products website if you want to learn more.