Authentic Paper Shredding Services Near You

Documentation theft and fraud cases have increased over the last few years. Paper shredding companies help avoid identity theft and fraud, by efficiently handling all your unwanted sensitive documents safely through recycling and safe garbage management.

Shredding companies recommend that, regular citizens, small businesses, and corporations use shredders for sensitive documents such as old reports, financial statements, payroll sheets, credit cards, old tax forms, bills, bank checks customers’ classified information, and other vital documents. Shredding also ensures that your company remains compliant with federal, industry and credit card regulations for info destruction to avoid hefty fines or legal action.

To Shred or to Recycle, No Need to Choose

Document shredding also ensures an eco-friendly paper cycle system, according to Information destruction authority regulations. Proper document shredding companies have a responsibility to come up with programs aimed at the correct disposal of sensitive documents, to protect companies across various locations. Document shredding services must be insured and bonded. They must use secure vehicles for transportation, driven by professional and verified drivers.

Compliance and Safeguarding the Environment

Today, businesses have a moral responsibility to guard information. The government requires the destruction of all end user documentation before it is discarded. Accumulated documents should be shred on a regular basis to protect your organization from potential legal risks.

Document shredding services offer a safe and friendly haven to the environment. Almost all shredded paper is reused instead of being discarded in off land garbage sites. As a result, fewer trees get destroyed due to the recycling process of shred documents.

Off-site and On-site Paper Shredding

Clients have the option of picking on-site or offsite shredding services where the work takes place. In your office premises or at an off-site shredding area where the designated paper trash is transported for shredding and subsequent disposal for re-use.

Paper Shredding Services consist of:
 Regular planned Services
 Secure containers to place unwanted documents
 Flexible document shredding site options to suit your needs
 Shredding Services performed by trained personnel
 A safe custody of designated shredding documents from pick up site to destruction site

Scheduled paper shredding documents such as:
• Medical Records
• Insurance Documents
• Bank Statements
• Loan Forms
• Tax Forms
• Customer Information Forms
• Billing receipts and invoices

Certificate of Shredding provided After Document Destruction Services

Paper shredding services provide companies and individuals with complete reports of finalized shredding services due to the confidentiality of the services involved, either off-site or on-site or shredding services. Customers should feel safe with whichever method of document destruction services.


The process of handling paper shredding must be managed by experienced and certified service providers that understand the importance of safeguarding confidential information, as well as minding environmental regulations and document destruction state laws. The website is a good reference if you want to find more information online.