2017’s Trendiest Store Fixtures for Fashion Boutiques

As many low-end malls close their doors and other malls are pouring millions of dollars into luxurious renovations, 2017’s retail environment is a challenging one. Right now retail experts agree it’s critical to create an engaging store atmosphere that will provide a compelling shopping experience to tempt today’s consumers and attract them to spend time in your store. Your store fixtures are a crucial component of the overall environment in your boutique. This checklist gives you the lowdown on 2017’s trendiest store fixtures for fashion boutiques.

Fashionable Mannequins for Retail Stores in 2017

Your store’s mannequins should be more than just clothes hangers. If you give them the appearance of having their own personalities, they’ll attract more attention, which can result in more clothing sales for you.

Nowadays this is easier than it used to be. Some mannequins now have removable, replaceable features including eyes and lips, enabling you to style them to match the story you’re trying to tell with your merchandise. If you’re selling activewear, you can pose your mannequins so they appear to be dancing or doing yoga.

2017’s trendy mannequin materials include wood, stone and metal. You might see mannequins comprised of combinations of these materials, particularly mannequins featuring copper heads or other intriguing bits of metal.

Abstract mannequins are also popular store fixtures right now.

Gondola Shelving

Gondola style shelving is a type of freestanding shelving that’s all the rage in visual merchandising circles. Gondola shelving units can be moved around your store and customized to the type of merchandise you have on hand at the moment.

This is in contrast to traditional store shelving that’s built into walls and thus cannot be adjusted to the dimensions of your current inventory.

Trendy Shoe Displays in 2017

If your product mix includes shoes, shoe risers are store fixtures you’ll definitely want to check out. They’re far more elegant than piling boxes of shoes on the floor with a sample shoe on top of each stack. They’re also the easiest way to grab attention and focus it on the shoes you’re offering for sale.

If you offer more shoes than you can comfortably display on shoe risers, you might want to place your newest or best selling styles on the risers and then display all your other shoes on shelving units in your store.

LED Illuminated Store Windows

Well-lit store windows are essential in 2017’s retail environment. Look to LED lighting for efficient and cost-effective illumination for all your store window displays.

These are some of the most important visual merchandising trends we’re aware of for 2017. If you incorporate some or all of these types of store fixtures into your store design, your fashion boutique will benefit from the resulting on-trend environment. For more information, you will be able to gain a better understanding from the Acme Shelving and Store Fixtures website.